Brand Tracker

Brand Tracker is a strategic tool that helps you measure the health of your brand and identify changes to both your brand and your competitors.  Brand Tracker helps you to understand whether, to what extent and where the brand is on or off track relative to its positioning. 

Brand Tracker will help you to: 

•  Understand how your brand compares to competitors 
•  Gauge the overall health of your brand 
•  See the success of marketing activities and understand if and how 

   those activities impact brand awareness, loyalty and purchase intent

Focus Insights is able to tailor the metrics that matter to you the most

Ensure your Brand is healthy and your marketing activities are having a positive impact on brand awareness and loyalty using the Focus Insights Brand Tracker.  Rich insights around brand awareness, consideration, and purchase intents as well as NPS, Brand characteristics and associations can be uncovered in days and at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies.

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